Istanbul, 28 December 2011

28 12 2011

‘Twas about a year ago today that we left Australia and today we find ourselves on the way home, via Istanbul (it ain’t Constantinople any more in case you ain’t heard the song before).

It’s interesting enough here.  Last night I popped out of the hotel to find some food.  In between ordering and collecting, I was accosted by this bloke what reckoned he wanted to show me the best place ever to have a beer.  He followed me along and then pointed out this place which he assured me was a decent place to go.  When I said I wasn’t interested in a beer and that I had food to collect, he turned.  Instead of wanting to have a beer with me he began insisting that “you are a gay man”.  I believe he was attempting this scam here.

That was last night.  Today we walked from our hotel near Taksim Square, down to the water, across a bridge, through some crazy busy markets and down to the Blue Mosque.  We then headed home and stuffed ourselves silly on some delish Turkish food on the way back.  Yum, yum.

The end.

P.S. Here’s some photos what I took…




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