Introducing ‘Toby’, 28.2.2011

28 02 2011

Hi All,

Firstly, apologies for not being able to contact everyone (particularly family) individually to announce this news but being on the other side of the world sometimes means being a little pragmatic.  So, dear family and friends, consider this a personal internets blog communique from Kardy, Riles and Ned especially for you…

I’ve taken the p1ss a little on this blog since its inception but today I pull me socks up and dust meself off with me best hanky to announce the arrival of our new son, Toby, born at 5.24pm today, 28th February 2011.  He weighs in at 7 pounds 10 ounces or 3460gm.  He shares the same birthday as two good friends, Frances and Prue, both of whom have excellent taste in music.  Hopefully this augurs well for the young man.

I’ll save the details of the birth for another time but once again my hat goes off to Katie and all the mums out there for what they manage to do!  Please leave any messages for Katie by clicking on the title Introducing ‘Toby’ and then ‘replying’ in the box at the bottom of the page and I’ll pass them on.

Thank you for all of your well wishes and support!  It means a whole hell of a lot! Big thank you to lovely Cathy for taking care of Ned when he knocked off from nursery this afternoon until I arrived back in Perth to collect him.


Sunday Around Town, 27.2.2011

27 02 2011

Some snaps from today…

Perth – Spring on the way, 26.2.2011

26 02 2011

Last night, around 7 o’clock, I had to politely ask this homeless dude, what was freestylin’ rhymes in my doorway with such gusto that he had spittle hanging off his 3 week growth, to get out of the way so I could get in off the street.  It took about three goes to get his attention – he was busy busting out some pretty impressive stuff, mind. He did move when asked but then asked if I’d spare a bloke some coin. I obliged the cheeky bugger in the vain hope it might prevent him pissing on the door between sets.  Not sure if it worked.

This morning I went to collect some mail from the letter delivery centre and saw this bloke what was a cross dresser.  He had the skirt, the stockings, the heels, the power suit jacket and blouse.  What he neglected to have was a convincing head.  Blokes, if you’re going to the effort with the garb, at least have something to cover your bald head and, please, have a shave.


24 02 2011

Well the Sun finally poked her head out today.  Having grown accustomed to the cold, the next couple days of 10 and 12 degrees are looking like a bit of a heatwave.  It’s totally understandable why the British seem to reach for their t-shirts and ditch their jackets at the whiff of some temperatures what aren’t 2 degrees.  Here’s the somewhat crapola evidence from me iPhone… taken in the yard at work.

Huntingtower Castle, Perth, 20.2.2011

20 02 2011

Like the Kings of Leon, this thing used to be more impressive in its day (but still worth checking out in its current form nonetheless).  Behold Huntingtower Castle, Perth…

Tiso (an upmarket Anaconda), Perth, 18.2.2011

18 02 2011

Went to Tiso today so Ned could stretch the legs.  Snow predicted for tomorrow.

Stirling, 17.2.2011

17 02 2011

Today we visited another stone structure, atop a hill, what’s called a castle.  This time in Stirling.  Pics below… (click on them to make them bigger).  Click here for all the shiz on Stirling Castle