Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pt. 2

31 12 2010

Some snaps from the last couple of days.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Pt. 1

30 12 2010

Here’s some snaps from our shenanigans so far in KL.  We’ve been here for 36 hours so far and have done very little but eat, sleep, shop and have massages – stuff what I like.  Grouse.

Hoping to get out of town maybe tomorrow or the next day to see the sights.  Everything is equally ridiculously cheap and good.


27 12 2010

Back to the Mallee

26 12 2010

Natasha’s third birthday

5 12 2010

Natasha’s third birthday party.  Taken 5th December in Carnegie

The young man hanging in the backyard

4 12 2010

Some photos of the young man.  Taken 4th December 2010 at home in Mount Eliza.